Packaging of Dishes During Relocation

An Image Showing The Collection Of Home Stuffs For Relocation.

Dishes in a household are always considered to be the most valuable and packaging them in a proper manner is an important factor during the complete relocation to a newer home. Packaging dishes in a carton box is one of the most excruciating jobs and the cartons used are called “ Dish Barrels” in the packers and mover industry. These dish barrels are made of strong double-walled cardboard that is corrugated.

Usage and Acquiring Dish Packs

The use of a Dish pack is mainly to move the glassware items and those that fall under the category of fragile. Items such as Table Lamps, computer screen and parts, music system, cups, glasses and other damageable household items can be packed using dish packs.

Usually moving companies that are professionally into relocation will have dish packs readily sold. Along with the boxes of dish packs, PVC tape, old newspapers and bubble wraps are also required to do perfect packaging.

Good Workspace with Rules to Packaging Dish Packs

Setting up a good workspace such as kitchen counter, table tops, etc., to unwrap the items and set them onto cupboards is significant. It is important to use protection pads to prevent it from being scratched.

  • The first rule of packaging is to use balled and crumpled newspaper at the bottom of the dishes as a cushion and also to fill spaces in the dish packs. It is best to have the bottom well cushioned to avoid damages and breakage during transportation.
  • Second rule is the usage of “Layer Method” by packing the heavier items form the bottom of the box as it makes sure the box is well anchored and is saved from bumps and shoves during relocation.
  • The third rule in packing dish pack boxes is the packeted method
  • Fourth rule is making sure the packed dishes are made to stand and are not kept flat in the box during packing.

Following the above rules will allow all the prized possession of dishes to be transported and relocated safely to their destination.

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