Guidelines For Relocating Medical Imaging Equipment

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How To Relocate The MRI System?

Equipment, especially medical imaging equipment, can be damaged by movement while in transportation. Hence, professionals must relocate medical equipment, laboratory equipment, and information technology equipment. Qualified experts generally have many years of expertise in moving medical imaging equipment.

Specialised equipment can be fragile, so you should consider the risks of moving it. A top diagnostic centre in Chennai ( can assist you in this process by explaining what they have done during their relocation. Find out more.

12 Things To Consider While Relocating Medical Imaging Equipment

If you’re considering moving your imaging system, a medical imaging gadget transfer company can help you with your action plan. They can help you save thousands of dollars while also enhancing the overall stability of your network’s imaging equipment.

Specialist equipment is available in various shapes and sizes and must be moved carefully to avoid damage. Following is a detailed information of how you can achieve a safe transit of your equipment.

Moving Diagnostic equipment by a person

  • Medical imaging equipment is expensive and valuable. It is best to locate a reputable business experienced in moving this type of equipment.
  • When moving expensive imaging equipment, you must make sure it will fit in the designated location, that the space is structurally sound, and that it won’t interfere with other equipment.
  • Make a note of every corridor, corner, and stairway through which your equipment will be moved. This involves tracking every route from the truck to the final destination.
  • When relocating medical imaging equipment, have a plan in mind and talk to your movers about it. Be sure to emphasise the importance of each piece of equipment, its price, and its value to your partner. Make sure they are using specialised personnel or cranes to move your equipment.
  • Before shipping medical imaging equipment, ensure that the room is ready at the final destination.
  • Make sure you have the proper tools and resources for moving specialised machinery. If necessary, divide the equipment into sections.
  • There are specific dimensions, electrical power, and crane requirements for medical imaging equipment. Be sure your facility manager is involved throughout the project.
  • When moving medical imaging techs, be sure that your entire team is involved in developing a timeframe for the move.
  • To move imaging equipment to a new location, the old equipment must be removed, cranes and semi-trucks must be used, and the equipment must fit through doors, around corners, and down hallways without interference.
  • Medical imaging equipment must be shipped to the final destination when the room is ready.
  • Medical imaging equipment is difficult to operate, so it is best to have an OEM or a seasoned third-party group assist you.
  • The best scan centre in Chennai highly recommends calibrating medical imaging equipment before first patients arrive due to its sensitivity.

Wrapping up:

Relocating imaging equipment can be tedious, but being prepared and choosing the right service can make the process smoother.

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