Automation trends in the packaging industry

Forecasting the next packaging automation trends

Cobots used in new sealing, palletizing, and bulk box filling applications

Collaborative robots or cobots pioneer Universal Robots- Ann Arbor, MI, was displayed in Orlando NPE2018 show. The cobots are said to be trendy and fast-growing part of industrial automation. It helps in inexpensively and effortlessly automate activities in the plastics industry. Cobots is a rapidly expanding market in the world. The latest trends in blow molding, composite part fabrication, and low volume or high mix production are increasing the demand for advanced production techniques with cobots. These are similar to robots but works securely with humans by being at center and front.

The latest Kanga Poucher will be displayed in Orlando- Orange County Convention Center in the S27189 UR booth. It is the product from the prestigious RND Automation and Engineering- Sarasota, Florida.

Kanga Poucher – Next-generation advanced cobots

Kanga is an upright seal, fill or form a pouching system which develops four-sided pockets for pharmaceutical, medical device, and reliable goods industries. The UR cobot and system is integrated where products are loaded and developed into pouched before the fourth upper seal. It is created after the item is guided through the sticking gasket.
Universal Robots has developed collaborative robots which eliminate or reduce the necessity for guarding that means a considerably reduced footprint. Completely customized robots fill the customer’s unique packaging requirements. The cobots can also stop safely when operator contacts. They can also be moved from one place to another with less effort and force.

Collaborative Robots to Debut New Cobot-Assisted Palletizers

Another system that uses the safety benefits and small footprint of UR robots presented at NPE booth of Universal Robots is Dyco Inc’s Bulk Box Loader. The sales manager of Dyco- Mark Lovelace shares that their company is receiving sufficient request from customers to incorporate universal robots all over the blow molding procedure. One of the best examples of their several applications is the end of line sealing. He also added that they selected UL for their design and robustness for utilization in industrial applications versus other collaborative robots.

UR cobot’s integrated safety features permit Dyco to provide regular function since the box loader cell consists of two stations. The operator will replace one box, and the cobots will load another box. This system is developed for simple installation on the self-contained plate, which can be redistributed between numerous blow molding manufacturing lines running various box and bottle sizes. In simple words, the bulk box and bottle loader is an entirely automated system controlled by a few push buttons and UR interface.

The area sales manager of the UR comments that it is exciting to watch industry requesting for UR robots for adaptable application requirements. The product is positioned in the unique style to discourse the plain plugs of the plastic producers like tightening labor markets, quickly altering production lines and the requirement to reduce overhead expenses continuously.

Proco to exhibit cobots for palletizing, packaging

The Proco Machinery Inc. will present new automation technology for packing to blow molding sector at the NPE2018. Proco Machinery the automation company located in Mississauga, Ontario. It will showcase two cobots – the Robo Packer and the Half Cube Palletizer at Booth W983. These two products were developed with an emphasis on efficiency as per Siva Krish- Vice President of Sales.

Cobots featured in new palletizing, sealing and bulk-box-loading

These cobots are developed to balance the production line and offer a smaller footprint, enhanced efficiencies, and simplified operation. These cobots provide the best return on investment and reduce the usage of the container.

Robo Packer is an advanced cobot system designed for picking and placing, packing, and assembling applications at a reduced cost of traditional automation. The cobot functions collaborating with human co-workers needs no special guarding, and possible to train new tasks as per the company.

It is an incorporated packing module which is released with six aligned robotic arms, box conveyor and infeed conveyor fixed on the subframe with caster wheels and leveling pads for instantly moving and starting the production. It can be delivered with one out of three various robotic arm payloads according to the productivity level and task. It can also be designed to pack entire necks down, entire necks up or the custom solution. You can also check out about packaging automation trends.

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