Moving School Labs Safely Through Relocating Services

A scientist is working with lab equipment at the lab center, some chemical solutions can be seen there.

New lab space is a significant step forward for any school and a giant leap in academic growth. A relocation plan is a challenging step for most private schools in Chennai ( Therefore, it is essential to prepare ahead of time by conducting research and making plans. New labs should make informed decisions about hazardous waste collection, emissions, and other safety concerns. A lab’s relocation can be made easier by taking simple steps ahead of time, such as scheduling the move over several months and making arrangements for any special precautions.

Criteria To Consider For Lab Relocation

A lab move can be time-consuming and dangerous if you aren’t properly prepared. Relocating any school laboratory is a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. However, ensure the lab items and equipment are safe when conducting your lab inventory move. If your school lab is being relocated, document your existing research and use cloud-based software to track progress. A lab relocation checklist and a plan before moving are essential for a successful relocation. Checkout the steps mentioned to ensure a seamless lab relocation.

  • Before moving lab supplies, materials, and equipment, make a thorough inventory of all lab supplies, materials, and equipment.
  • After your lab relocation, conduct another inventory to ensure that all necessary equipment, supplies, and materials have arrived at the new location and are in proper working condition.
  • Consider moving lab supplies and materials with care, and consult with the appropriate authorities before beginning.
  • You must notify all employees and suppliers of the new location to relocate your lab.
  • On move day, ensure that all lab supplies and equipment are handled properly.

Need For A Lab Relocation Service

Lab relocations are crucial, but everyone’s responsibility. A lab relocation is a complex set of interconnected activities that require meticulous planning, efficient harmonization, and proper execution while adhering to strict time constraints and production schedules. Lab relocations are best done with lists and categorization procedures.

However, researchers, lab managers, and start-up founders are often forced to bear the burden of lab relocation. An unrealistic school lab transition will delay research, increase team stress, and increase costs. Therefore, assigning a specific person in every school to each task is vital for relocation.

Use relocation services to assist you in creating a floor plan, which will chart everything from instruments to supply cabinets. If you’re moving a lab, you should inventory your items and categorize them according to their specific transportation requirements for a successful lab relocation. The relocation activity requires special permits, and it is important to contact the transportation department 2 – 3 months before the move to inquire about any necessary permits. The relocation services can help you avoid costly repairs and maintenance by ensuring that your instruments are ready for processing after the move.

Furthermore, relocation services prepare and document the inventory assets for packing protocols and site considerations. They will handle the relocation of your school lab by bench-marking and re-qualifying each instrument. Relocation services are highly reliable as they have the experience and commitment to quality to get the job done right, moving delicate and expensive medical or laboratory equipment.

Most importantly, moving heavy-duty lab and medical equipment can be difficult, but a relocation service team will ensure that everything is transported safely and efficiently. They are also capable of reassembling any complicated equipment that we had to disassemble to move it safely. Know more

A scientist is working with lab equipment at the lab center, some chemical solutions can be seen there.

Checklist To Consider While Relocating A Laboratory

Laboratories are relocated for various reasons in many schools, including expansion of a program, changes in funding, or renovation of the laboratory’s building. A laboratory transition is difficult, and a thorough understanding of the environment is necessary to make it happen successfully. Follow the below steps suggested by the famous schools in Chennai for a safe lab relocation.

  • Consider all of the equipment in use, rather than just the equipment in a specific laboratory.
  • Comply with GMP/GMP requirements before and after relocating a laboratory.
  • A laboratory move can be complicated and expensive, and hence it requires a transition planner and move manager.
  • Many laboratories require cold storage because of items, samples, or substances kept cold. Having a backup freezer and dry ice is recommended.
  • Laboratory materials containing hazardous materials require special permits. Live animals must be treated with special care, and while transporting them, laboratories must provide food and water with chain-of-custody documentation.
  • Many laboratories contain sensitive equipment that requires calibration procedures. Therefore, you have to move this equipment to a qualified company.
  • Labs should be kept contaminant-free at all costs.

A robust set of tools is required for a lab transition plan. However, the tools should be simple enough to move the lab effortlessly. The planning phase for a typical laboratory relocation can take four to six months, and lab relocation specialists best handle the planning phase. To be more precise medical equipment movers can handle the job easily, no matter how large or small the job maybe. They can easily take care of the heavy lifting and ensure proper delivery and care of sensitive equipment.

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