10 Must-Dos For IT Relocations

two employees are working on the laptop while there are other two persons packing office things for relocating them.

Follow This 10 Point Checklist To Make Your IT Relocations Seamless

Relocation is stressful, but if you adhere to your timetables and avoid cramming in your logistics at the last minute, your moving day may go more smoothly than you anticipate. Sharing your plans for office relocation with your employees and customers can help you achieve widespread buy-in. Your extensive IT may make moving even more challenging. Therefore, you must be adequately prepared when relocating your IT company.

‘Pulse’, a top VoIP service┬áprovider in India, provides a comprehensive set of guidelines to facilitate an easy office relocation. Read on to learn more about what you may need.

IT-Office Move Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Moving to a larger or better facility is a time-consuming process. When preparing for a relocation, it is important to list your IT and telecommunications assets, determine whether you need to upgrade your communication strategy, and communicate with your telecommunications system. You need to plan your office relocation at least three to six months before the deadline.

You can make your relocation easier by hiring a reputable moving company. Even so, there are several things to consider when moving. Use these tips to make the process as simple as possible:

In an office environment, office things are packed in cardboards for moving.

  • Visit the new office location and evaluate your information technology requirements. To oversee the relocation of your company’s headquarters, you should appoint a project manager.
  • To prepare for relocation, lay the groundwork, establish criteria and conduct employee surveys.
  • To determine the requirements of your new office, you must first determine the number of phone lines, cabling, and owner-operated businesses. You should conduct a site inspection and request the assistance of your IT provider.
  • List all outdated and damaged equipment, and make a list of communication requirements.
  • When shopping for new technology, consider the most recent technological requirements, your company’s growth and expansion plans, and your budget.
  • Check the minimum requirements for new phone lines and the best VoIP services in India. Set up a call forwarding system, and determine which phone system is most appropriate for your organisation.
  • When it comes to office relocation, keep in mind your employees’ needs and survey to find out what they want.
  • Don’t underestimate your financial resources when planning a relocation. Give yourself a safety net if things become more expensive than you anticipated. Office relocation costs should be investigated, and a timeline should be created.
  • Set a date for your office relocation, update your email signatures, and notify your customers, partners, industry organisations, and media publications of your new address.
  • Notify your telecommunications provider of your office relocation and prepare your logistics.
  • It is only necessary to relocate your desk phones and other endpoints to your new facility if you plan to move to the cloud or already have a hosted system. Investigate whether any upgrades are available as part of your relocation.

When relocating, your telecommunications system is just one component that needs attention. Following the checklist mentioned above will ensure that your transitions are smooth and safe. Don’t forget that administrative details are equally important and should not be overlooked during your office relocation!

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