Packing Unconventional Items for Relocation

A Young Couple Packing Their Home Goods For Relocation Purpose.

Relocation involves moving household items from one place to another. But amongst the different types of items that get packed there are certain things that pose a great challenge to be packed. Below are a set of guidelines to pack such unconventional items to move them safe and damage free to the destination.

Guidelines to Pack Peculiar Items for Shifting

  • Fishing Rods

Professional relocation companies emphasize nowadays on packing fishing rods as they do not want the tip of the rod to be broken off during shifting or wound themselves by the hook getting stuck in the hands of the movers. Double stack wardrobe boxes, cartons used to pack lamps that are tall, mirror cartons, gun cartons, etc., are used to pack fishing rods.

  • Keyboard

Keyboards are to be packed using bubble wrap, car boards and with packing mark stating “Fragile – Keyboard, Load on Top”.

  • Ladders

Ladders will be required to move from one place to another without any kind of packing. Generally extension ladders are the ones that very commonly gets misplaced during relocation, such as placing them in the belly box of the truck and is forgotten to be taken out during delivery of other items. It is mandatory to mention ladder in the list of inventories being moved to not be forgotten.

  • Tools for Gardening

Padding using mover pads or burlap pads are used to pack tool used for gardening to move them between places. Another way to pack would be in a top open box or using the double wardrobe method.

Tips to Assemble a Double Stacked Carton

The technique of assembling a double stacked carton is simple and to create more taller boxes to accommodate taller and wider things is much needed. First step is to assemble the bottom of the box in the usual manner and remember not to close the top. Next step is to accommodate the things into the box that are extra tall. A similar size box is acquired and instead of closing the bottom the top is closed and taped. Last slide the second box from the top onto the box which is filled with the tall things to close. Such arrangements are also called “High Hat” cartons.

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