What Are The Recent Innovative Packaging Designs?

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Understanding Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is the use of packaging with materials that are reusable, recyclable, and, more importantly, made from renewable materials. Sustainable packaging can help in the reduction of product wastage. If you are planning about bringing in more sustainable packaging ideas after the industrial design course in Chennai, ensure that-

1. It is beneficial, healthy, and safe for individuals and societies throughout its life cycle.
2. Optimizes the use of recycled and renewable materials.
3. Meets all the market criteria for performance and cost.
4. It is sourced, produced, and recycled using renewable energy.

Top Innovative Packaging Designs

Here are some top innovative packaging designs.

5. Recyclable Plastic Bottles

Companies these days use recycled and recyclable materials for packaging. They use 100% post-consumer recycled material for their plastic packagings with the help of local suppliers. By thinning down plastic bottles, companies can save thousands of dollars of plastic every year. If a company encourages the customer to bring in empty plastic packages in exchange for some complimentary gifts, they can get more plastic that can be recycled.

6. Mushroom-Based Packaging

Have you ever thought of what happens to the resin or polystyrene that protects your electronics? The fact is they are not biodegradable and hence do not gets recycled. However, many companies have adopted alternative packaging ideas, such as a mushroom-based polystyrene substitute. Such packaging is made from raw waste products like old corn husks and cotton hulls mixed with mycelium and then placed in a mold. The mycelium grows into the shape of that particular mold, resulting in a mushroom-soft material that is much sturdier, flexible, and 100% biodegradable.

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7. Avoiding Six-Pack Rings

Faculties in the Design institute in Chennai say that six-pack rings are the most threatening environmental hazard for seabirds and marine mammals. Even though the beverages companies made the rings degradable, there is space for innovation. The main issue with degradable packaging is that it produces microplastics when the ring breaks down, which marine animals easily digest. Instead of using rings, many companies have developed a unique glue that holds the six-pack together, and it does not have any impact on recycling the cans. By implementing this idea, a company can reduce the usage of plastic by at least 76%.

8. BYOB Water Stations

Companies like Coca-Cola have initiated packaging innovation by asking their customers to bring their water bottles to the water stations. By doing this, the company successfully reduced around 1 billion PET bottles from its supply chain. The company has developed a mobile app that helps users to locate nearby water stations.

9. Plantable Packaging

The concept of plantable packaging is quite easy. The packaging does decompose like any other compostable packaging; however, it contains seeds. So when you bury your package in the soil, it will decompose, and the seeds will start sprouting. Plantable packaging is considered the best zero-waste concept that has gained much popularity in the last decade, as it does not leave any trace in the environment.

Benefits Of Using Innovative And Sustainable Packaging Ideas

Here is how innovative packaging designs can boost your business.

10. Good packaging attracts the customers encouraging them to buy your product over the other competitive products. Your package will also create a good first impression as it will have all the necessary information about your company.

11. Consumers always appreciate products that are well-packed and well-protected. With innovative packaging techniques, you can make the customer feel like they have received the best quality items from you.

The Role Of Innovative Designs In Marketing

A product’s marketing techniques depend on the product packaging as it sends a message that says the purpose, style, and values. It only takes a fraction of a second for a product to attract the customer’s attention. So when the product has a unique packaging design, it will help the product stand out in the crowd through attractive shapes, and innovative designs.

Sustainable packaging needs solutions to reduce waste and save energy by finding innovative ways to manufacture, package, transport, and store items using renewable materials or resources. With innovative and unsustainable packaging designs, manufacturers can help in building a healthier and safer future. Read More

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