Relocating Antiques Understanding Their True Value

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The process of relocation consists of varied genres of items, amongst them are the Antiques. Hiring a professional appraiser really brings great help in managing and taking risks by giving a penned opinion about the true value of the antiques. This will, in turn, help homeowners decide on accordingly decide depending on their financial condition. An appraiser will give a concluded value on the antique piece by researching and writing a formal report, rather than one making an assumed value.

Making an Cultured Decision

Owning a personal property consisting of great value always comes with a greater risk. The risk of either receiving a low price when sold or paying a higher price during purchase, insurance coverage being over or under, not receiving a calculated and fair share when the property is divided, penalty of tax, audits during claim deductions, etc.

Involving an Appraiser makes things easy, where they aid in managing the risks by giving written suggestions about the value of the antique piece, which will help one take a decision looking into their financial condition. Never should a homeowner base their decision upon their personal assumptions. Every high flown individual, irrespective of their profession, depend on an appraiser for their personal property risks and decisions. It is important not to realise in the later part of life that the appraisals one has is incorrect and leads to a bigger risk for oneself.

Contents of a Good Appraisal Report

  • A covering document with the detailed value of the Antique and assigned use of the appraisal.
  • The method and sources used to gauge the value of the property with inclusions such as market analysis reports.
  • A widespread and precise explanation of the property penned along with supporting photographs.
  • Inspection dates and location details and the Date of Expiry of the Value, if any.
  • A document stating that the appraiser has no financial or personal interest in the antique.
  • The document stating the qualification and authorised signature of the Appraiser.

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